1. Are you able to reproduce a color based on a sample delivered by a customer?
    Yes, we can do this by using the delivered glassware. We are able to develop some paints, such as satin finish paints, on site.
  2. Can I order paints without previous trials?
    Due to the individual technological regime, we recommend that you test the paint before ordering.
  3. Can I get any samples?
    Yes. By starting cooperation with us, upon request, you will receive samples and professional advice on their application. Normally, we bring the samples to our customers’ premises and assist during testing.
  4. Do you provide technical advice?
    Yes, you can obtain all information by calling or e-mailing us.
  5. Are your paints eco-friendly?
    Yes. Our paints are eco-friendly and heavy metals free, except for red and some yellow colors which may include small amounts of cadmium compounds.
  6. Are your paints acid-resistant?
    Yes, our offer includes both acid- and alkali-resistant paints.